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Low Self Esteem

Self esteem can be described as the way we see ourselves and how much we think we are worth when we compare ourselves to others. It is linked to problems with confidence and low mood, as someone with low self-esteem may struggle to take on challenges or activities where they perceive there is a risk of failure, and this may mean that they inadvertently set up a vicious cycle of negative thinking about their own abilities. As this persists, they might restrict their activities still further and therefore have little opportunity to challenge their negative thoughts and develop self belief and confidence.

If you find it hard to think of something nice to say about yourself, or find it difficult to accept praise or thanks for things you have done, you may be suffering from low self-esteem. Counselling can help by giving you time and space to look at events that may have affected your self-image and sense of self-worth and put them into perspective alongside the other qualities that you have. This can free you up to feel more able to engage in new experiences with more confidence and create a positive cycle.