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Experiencing periods of sadness in life is quite normal. Sometimes life events such as redundancy, divorce, bereavement, or illness can make us feel very unhappy for a period of time. Even neutral or positive events such as house moves, retirement, or promotion can result in confusing periods of low mood. 

All this is very normal and in most cases the low mood will lift of its own accord after a short period of time. Sometimes however, the low mood can get stuck. Persistent low mood drains energy, leads to social isolation, and is often accompanied by physical aches and pains. You may have trouble sleeping or find that you want to sleep too much and can’t face getting out of bed in the morning. Activities that you used to find enjoyable no longer seem to appeal, and talking to people and socializing can suddenly seem to be a great ordeal. 

If you recognise any of these problems and feel that you just can’t seem to shake off sad feelings and low mood, then you may be affected by depression and may benefit from accessing talking therapy and medication under the advice of your GP.